Kaplan Insurance ProQBank

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Kaplan InsuranceProTM QBank: (Online Exam Simulator )  

InsuranceProTM QBank Info:  Test yourself with hundreds of insurance practice questions and solutions.

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  • Three months of online access. Please note, the three-month access time begins at the time of purchase. Also, access to this online product will become available as soon as we receive the order and set up your account with Kaplan. During business hours, this can be within the hour of purchase, or if your order is placed outside of business hours, it will be available the next business day.​​
  • Building personalized exams based on difficulty, length or specific topics
  • Completing the exams online or print them out
  • Reviewing your performance on previously taken exams
  • Tracking time spent on a question and/or exam
  • Searching for specific questions on keyword, ID or notes
  • Creating personal notes and bookmarks on questions for future reference